Why People Prefer Pearls and Its Property

Why pearls are used?

  1. Pearl is a symbol of wisdom learned through experience. It can help you to learn the lessons of your life experience, and make you wiser.
  2. It can also offer you protection and security from everything by wearing a pearl pendant necklace.
  3. Pearl can produce powerful calming effects. Also, it has the ability to balance your aura.
  4. It can ground and centre you even if your world gets chaotic.
  5. Pearl will enlighten the mind and can help you to decide right from wrong.
  6. Pearls can make you love yourself and also will help you to learn to love others.
  7. Pearl is also a symbol of dedication, loyalty and steadfastness.
  8. As you will be filled with various energies of pearl, you will never let go easily what’s important for you, and also you can do your best for achieving something at the end.

By combining it with a Snow Quartz, it can show you how to build your own personal integrity. Also, it can open your mind to help you to find the purpose and meaning of your own true self.

Pearl properties

  1. Most of the other gemstones come from earth, while pearl is formed from molluscs which are found in both salt and fresh water.
  2. Very small foreign bodies, almost like sand grains or small parasites will get inside the mollusc and form different layers of pearly substance around it as defence.
  3. Layers in pearl build up almost like layers of onion, by creating concentric circles.
  4. If more layers are formed, the pearl also becomes larger.
  5. Overlapping layers can also create iridescent lustre which is called pearl’s orient.
  6. Pearls are available in pink, white, black, brown, blue and gold depending on the type of mollusc and water where the mollusc is found.
  7. Pearl’s weight is usually measured in grains unlike gemstones which are measured by unit of carat. It may take approximately pearl 4 grains to be equal of a gemstone carat.

You can find pearls in Sri Lanka and Philippines and in Gulf of California and Caribbean Sea. Saltwater and freshwater pearls are also found in China, Japan, Scotland, Ireland, Austria, France, Germany, Australia and USA.