What to Look For When Researching an Area to Move to

When you are looking to buy your perfect new home there is a lot to think about getting sorted out – from finding a good removal firm who can get all of your possessions safely from A-B to finding a good local conveyancing company such as this building survey Birmingham based company.

However, before it gets to this, one of the main things you will probably know if you had watched the property shows on the TV, is that location is one of the most important things of all when you are searching for the right home for you. So, what is it that you are looking for, and where do you begin in the hunt for the perfect home?

First things first, transport. This is something that affects nearly everyone – we all need to get to other places! Work and school are both daily journeys that most people make, so have a look at transport links to these – nearby motorway junctions, train stations and bus routes as well as the cost involved in the daily commute. It is a good idea to test out routes during rush hour to see how they are, and whether you would be happy to do that journey on a daily basis. It is also worth bearing in mind that the more rural an area is, the less transport links it will have, so if you don’t drive this is a particularly important thing to consider.

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Schools are another thing that have a huge effect on whether an area is a popular place to live or not. Houses in catchment areas of good schools are often more expensive so it may be that you might need to compromise on the house to be within the area of a good school. You can find OFSTED reports online so this is a good place to start when you are researching schools, as you will be able to get a lot of information about the area too from this.

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Leisure and nearby facilities are also something that is an important consideration, and this depends upon your lifestyle in general. If you love good night out then look for places that have a good selection of bars and restaurants nearby, or even places that are planning a new development of them. It is also worth investigating things such as shops, gyms post offices and doctors’ surgeries in the local area too.

Another thing that many people look for when buying a property is access to green space. It is well known that being out in the countryside is a great way to relax and unwind and does wonders for your mental health. If you own a dog or are planning to, this is also likely to be near the top of your list, and if you have children, it is great to find a place with local parks nearby where they can play safely and get some exercise!