What to Consider when Buying a Townhome

There are plenty of advantages of getting a townhome. You won’t have to worry about exterior maintenance issues or taking care of your backyard. However, some people don’t like living in close proximity to others and don’t want to abide by any community rules. Before you start looking at New Sage Meadows townhomes, there are a few things you w need to keep in mind.


Many townhome communities may have restrictions on the types of pets or what can and can’t be placed outside. Some communities will have guidelines regarding any changes to the unit and you may need to get permission if you want to upgrade any exterior spaces, such as your patio. If you understand all the rules upfront, you can make sure that the community is the right fit for your needs.

Association Fees

Find out what the monthly association fees include. This can include grounds maintenance, exterior maintenance, master insurance, road maintenance, trash pick up, and the pool and fitness center. Find out what is included so you know what else you will need to budget for. Ask if there are any major repairs or renovations planned and what has been done recently.

Who Fixes What?

Find out which maintenance issues and repairs you are responsible for and which ones your association is responsible for, so you can be sure to include money in your budget for any repairs you will need to make on your own. Also get the information for who you need to contact for any repairs and issues the association is supposed to fix.

If Any Additional Work Is Planned

Learn if any additional changes are going to be planned within the community. This can include additional townhomes, changes to the common areas, or new amenities. If the community you are considering doesn’t currently have a pool but will be building on in the near feature, then this might not be such a deal breaker.

Who Manages the Complex?

Learn if there is a professional management company that is responsible for the complex. Those who manage a lot of complexes can have better negotiation power for services such as lawn care, which saves them and you money in the long run.

Rules for Common Areas

You want to know the rules of the common areas, such as the pool and the hours of operations. This can help you make sure this is something you can live with. You may not be able to use common space for parties but there could be an area where you can reserve.


Learn where your parking is and if there are accommodations for any guest parking. Guest parking may be limited in some communities, so you will have to weigh the pros and cons.

Living in New Sage Meadows townhomes can provide you with amenities and years of comfort if it is the right fit for you.