What Services Should A Catering Company Include?

Every time a client hires the catering for an event, he analyzes aspects such as the assembly of the menu, the originality of the dishes or the quantities to be served.

However, there are aspects that the catering company must cover, which are fundamental for the quality of service, but which are “behind the scenes” and for this reason are not usually taken into account. Below, we will take note of them.

  1. Advice, Planning And Management Of The Service

The customer does not have to know how many servings must be provided for their guests to be satisfied, such as organizing the times between dishes, or how the amount of drink must be calculated. It is the responsibility of the mobile catering services to deal with or advise you on these issues, as well as to propose alternatives within the framework of what the client wishes to offer, and its economic possibilities.

  1. Survey Of The Space

When choosing the venue where the event will take place, does anyone enter the kitchen to see the available infrastructure? Probably not. It is important to know in advance what machinery (refrigerators, freezers, grills, type of kitchen and number of burners) and workspace the place has so that when the time comes, the chef and his team will not be surprised.

  1. Assembly, Disassembly And Subsequent Cleaning Of The Service Area

After the work is completed, the catering company must take care of the disassembly and cleaning of the sector. This becomes very important when the room organizes more than one event in the day.

  1. Equipment

Tablecloths, glassware, cutlery, dishes, ice, soft drinks, etc. The catering provider must take care of the provision and transfer of all these supplies, as well as ensuring that the drinks arrive cold, if applicable.

  1. Coordinator, Waiters, Armed Personnel, Kitchen Personnel

The catering service must take care of providing the necessary number of personnel to carry out the work in an adequate way. This also includes providing the training that is necessary for its proper performance. Generally, in cocktails, there should be one waiter for every ten guests.