What problems can arise when using laptop bags?

Even if you purchase a very expensive and very high quality laptop case for your gadget, you are not immune to the various problems that may arise. And it’s also good if the damage happens at home, or near the place of residence, but if on the road? Let’s talk about what problems can be with a laptop case and what can be done to prevent or eliminate them.

Main problems

Let’s see what kind of problems you may have:

  • Carabiner failure.
  • Tear off handle of bag/backpack strap.
  • Seam broke apart.

You will be able to fix such breakdowns as:

  • Replace the carbines on the bag.
  • Replace the carbines on the backpack.
  • Replace the buckle.
  • Place new half rings or rings.

Note that there are some weaknesses in the laptop case that need extra supervision:

  • Carabine.
  • Lock at zipper.
  • Zipper.
  • Velcro.
  • Seams.

How can you repair  zipper on your laptop bag/backpack yourself?

Zipper on a laptop case is always a weak link, it is exposed to heavy loads and therefore it is necessary to monitor its condition and be able to eliminate the problem quickly and easily.

  • Zipper is not zipped properly – use pliers or forceps and squeeze the slider on the sides.
  • If the zipper opens even after pliers have corrected it, replace the slider.
  • If the teeth break out of the zipper as a result of some problems, it will need to be replaced.
  • The slider does not slide well on the surface of the zipper – just smear the zipper with a simple pencil or wax. This will eliminate the problem.
  • Uneven zipped teeth can be levelled by knocking with a hammer.
  • The lock on the slider is changed to a new one, if necessary, if there is no such possibility, it can be replaced with a simple clip.
  • Never use an iron or excessively high temperatures to level the plastic zipper.
  • The lock on slider and the slider itself should be used correctly, otherwise they will become useless.

If you use zipper carefully and correctly it will serve you for years to come without problems.

How to replace the carabine?

Carabines on bags and backpacks are heavily loaded, so they often fail. To easily and simply replace it you need to buy the same, or similar carabiner in the store, to open the seam on the strap, put there a new hardware, carefully stitched at the seam.

The seam on the bag can be sewn with a simple thread, either by yourself or at the studio.

Source web-site: https://caselibrary.com