What are the Best Methods for Teaching a Child to Write?

When your child is initially learning to write, it could be a highly frustrating and exciting time as well. However, in the event of you not trying too much too soon, it could be fun for both the parents and the children. You should take adequate time to help your child build muscles and then look forward to gripping a marker or a crayon.

It would be pertinent that you work on fun letter games in order to make your child remain interested and work with paper or marker.

How to teach a Child to write Properly

Find below a few essential ways whereby you could teach child to write in the correct and comfortable manner.

●      Let your Child color

You should cater your child with crayons specifically made for younger children. You should let them color in whatever manner they deem fit. The crayons for younger children would be relatively smaller and wider in order to make the child grasp it in a comfortable manner.

●      Make them Learn about proper Grip and Posture

In order to make your child learn about proper grip and posture, you should try to give your child something small to hold initially. They should be made to work with half crayon. It would help the child encourage gripping the crayon in the fingers rather than resting it against the hand.

●      Showing your Child how to hold a Crayon or Marker in a proper manner

You should show the child how to hold a crayon or a marker in a proper manner. The tripod grip would be best suited for you to teach child to write. It would rely on the pointer finger, middle finger, and the thumb to provide equal support to the child.

●      Make them understand the Strength to be used

It would be of great importance that you should make your child learn about how hard or soft to hold the marker or the crayon. It would be pertinent to mention here that holding the marker or crayon too tightly could hurt the hand of your child over time.

●      Make the Child understand the Importance of pressure

It would be in your best interest to help your child understand how much pressure would be required while writing. Too much pressure could either break the crayon or pencils and too little pressure would result in illegible handwriting.

It would be in your best interest to make writing fun to work with and teach child to write.