What are Straight Shaped and U-Shaped Modular Kitchen Layouts?


A straight shaped modular kitchen layout is one of the simplest as well as most useful kitchen layouts in comparison to other modular kitchen layouts. The straight shaped modular kitchen layout involves entire kitchen work zones along one wall whereas the length of the wall may vary based on the size and shape of the kitchen. Straight shaped kitchens are most suitable for small kitchen sizes based on which the uses of appliances are determined. Eventually, most of the kitchen appliances are usually built-in and the sink is kept at the middle of the line resulting in free spaces in a straight shaped modular kitchen. However, though modular kitchens irrespective of their various layouts come with standard characteristics or basic designs, the fundamentals of a modular kitchen are that they are made customised. Therefore, every design and layout of a modular kitchen primarily depends upon the size and shape of the kitchen area as well as the preference of the owner or user and the efficiencies and skills of the designer such as modular kitchen bangalore.

On the other hand, the U-shaped modular kitchen layout involves three walls in a kitchen and all the appliances and cabinets are usually lined up along three walls. Eventually, the floor area of the U-shaped modular kitchen is completely kept free which ultimately gives a modern look to the kitchen design and enhances the beauty as well as the utility of the kitchen. The U-shaped modular kitchen is very popular among the households who have plenty of kitchen spaces or have a large kitchen and this U-shaped module or layout is suitable for large kitchen spaces. However, the U-shaped modular kitchen layouts are also applied in small kitchen spaces where it works well too.

The basic advantage of a U-shaped modular kitchen is its availability of large space as three walls are utilized leaving the floor area open for other activities. Therefore, you can organize the appliances easily and conveniently by utilizing the large free space in the kitchen. In addition to this, you have all the flexibilities in a U-shaped modular kitchen layout by dividing the entire area for preparation, cooking and serving area. The U-shaped modular kitchen layout provides plenty of storage spaces keeping the spaces clutter-free and user-friendly in terms of easy accessibility of appliances. The name of the layout is been derived from the letter “U” because of its “U” shaped configuration.