Ways to Hack CCTV Surveillance and Prevent Hacking of Your own CCTV

In spite of several developments in the CCTV surveillance as well as in advanced IP cameras, the security surveillance has been still remaining under serious threats because of many vulnerabilities. The black hat hackers, over the period, have developed their strategies and approaches to hacking using sophisticated techniques and more complicated and complex malicious factors. The most alarming is the hackings that do not show any sign of hacking and the victim users can know only after their cameras hacked.

Some of the hackers use very simple techniques and perform the hacking hardly within a few minutes whereas some use complicated and sophisticated ways that are capable to crack hardened systems. In spite of these differences, most talented hackers have the capacity of hacking the private as well as enterprise surveillance systems and networks. Once they successfully gain access into the target surveillance system, they can ultimately watch you through your own camera and can take full control of your surveillance system.

Anyone can hack a CCTV surveillance system with proper and step by step hacking procedure which begins with accessing the default password. You can start with searching for its IP address on the internet by logging in. You can either search in the shadon.io or angryip.org and get the signature information and then start searching for the password which will ultimately provide you access to wireless camera or in the case of router you can gain access to the entire security surveillance system. As a theoretical and technical study, it may look like most difficult a process, but in an actual case, the passwords are already provided by the manufacturers in the default factory settings.

The changing of default passwords of a CCTV surveillance is so simple a process that even children can perform it easily. Therefore, the learning of hacking a CCTV surveillance is emphasizing the point that smaller details of accessing the passwords must never be overlooked at any means. In this context, the entire firewall or any other preventive mechanism may not be capable enough if the unauthorised user gains access to the CCTV surveillance by simply using the common password or the default factory provided password. Similar to the search of password, you can also gain access to the system by searching for the user ID. You may be able to find the user ID by searching the user ID of other persons through email, phone or from the registered username. Once you succeed to get the user ID, you can eventually take the entire security surveillance systems to your control.