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36 vayasulo, Jyothika acted as Vasanti the movie produced by surya coming to details of the film it’s about a normal homemaker who finds happiness in making all her family member’s daily needs met and makes her husband and daughter have her world.

Nothing is more important to her beyond them, but eventually she loses her respect to her loving daughter and husband who were supposed to be her everything, they start criticizing her, degrading her stating she is fit for nothing who doesn’t have any goals in life other than home making.

Later on the story takes a u turn when Vasanthi childhood friend Susan David inspires her by reminding how daring and focused Vasanthi use to be in her college days, later  It’s all about how a home maker could utilise her own creative talents and bring about monetary benefits for herself and for the family, besides managing her daily routine and chores very well makes the movie must watch

Artistes’ Performances:

Jyotika has vasanthi just leaved in character, the actress just showed her exceptional acting skills and represented all the home makers on behalf who sacrifice everything for their family well being

Rahman who acted has Tamizhselvan played the role of typical middle class husband who just blames his better half for all his misfortune, one can truly see it in him

Abirami as Susan David, the young actress who played the role of Vasanthi friend resembles modern women who leaves up to her dreams and wants to be an independent woman, her role adds the major twist to the movie which makes the movie interesting.

Amritha Anil who played the daughter role to vasanthi as Mithila TamizhSelvan has done extremely well, and truly represents the mean attitude of today’s kids

Rest of the cast and crew commissioner Rajan,Stephen,Jayachandran,Gireejaetc were truly natural to their respective roles and value to the film


Genre: Family Drama

Duration :115mins

Language: Telugu

Format: (streaming online video)

Where to Watch online: Aha OTT

Production values: Elevated

Background music: Extra ordinary

Cinematography: Spectacular


Undoubtedly Jyotika was a major highlight of the movie, who played a typical middle housewife character who sacrifices her dreams/goals for the well being of her family and finds her happiness by looking after the every need of her family.

Rahman performed exceptionally well as a typical husband who blames his wife for his bad luck and criticizes her for not leaving up to his expectations.

Amritha Anil has just nailed the role as a mean daughter who points her mother for not having any goals in her life who blames her for being left as a homemaker.

For all the emotions played in movie music director santoshnarayanan provided the much needed life with his terrific music and further enhanced the film.

Director Roshan Andrews had handled the typical subject very well and just executed it extremely perfectly by shooting in natural locations.

Cast and crew

Director– RosshanAndrrews

Producer– Suriya

Actor– Rahman

Actress– Jyotika

Other characters– Abhirami,Nassar,AmrithaAnil,DelhiGanesh,M.S. Baskar,DevadarshiniChetan

Music director-Santosh Narayanan

Release date– 15th May 2015

Now all Telugu Prajalu can access Aha movies.


It’s a great inspirational film to all women out there, who actually prioritised their family much more than their dreams (goal)…. “Who decides the expiry date of women’s dream” and “Your dream is your signature” were the best lines for inspiration…. Adding to this film has a very strong performance done by lead actress jyotika,its a true story connected with almost all women….


Go for it, know the amount of sacrifices women make, to keep her family balanced, happy at the cost of losing her dreams and goals, Jyotika was terrific who showcased the character of late 30’s woman and led the movie from front.