Three Benefits of Using Artificial Grass for Home Improvement

One of the best ways for your home to make a lasting impression is to enhance its curb appeal. Many homeowners take pride creating a pristine well-manicured yard and landscaping that can quickly become a perpetual chase for perfection, thanks to the unrelenting heat of summer weather and dormancy that occurs during the winter. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), 2018 was the 14th warmest year on record. Replacing a traditional grass lawn with artificial grass is a solution that will not only enhance the look of your lawn but offers many benefits.


The onset of warm weather typically means lawn maintenance will quickly become a larger part of maintaining your home. Tasks such as fertilizing, watering and bi-weekly mowing can become costly if handled by a professional landscaping company. Self-caring for a lawn can also mean less free and personal time to relax and enjoy the warmer months of the year. The use of synthetic turf means that your yard can have a lush look with no need for watering, aerating or mowing.


The installation of an artificial lawn results in instant curb appeal and will turn the heads of neighbors and visitors alike. Synthetic grasses are made of soft fibers and density that offers the look of freshly manicured real grass. Not only will the use of artificial grass give your yard the appearance of being larger, its minimal maintenance means less harm to the environment because harmful herbicides, insecticides, fertilizers and the excess use of water is not necessary.


The realistic and plush feel of synthetic grass means greater comfort when used in a patio area as the grass can be installed over concrete. Cleaning is simple with the use of a garden hose without the worry of creating muddy areas or puddling, as draining is more efficient and complete. Additionally, synthetic grass does not become moldy or slippery when wet, making it a safer option for patio or pool area.

Foreverlawn Bellevue proudly offers a 10- year warranty on its grass, one of the best in the industry. We offer many unique synthetic grass solutions made for a variety of applications made to not only withstand the harsh conditions of the Northwest, but other regions of the country that may experience severe drought, harsh heat or daily afternoon summer showers.