Things you should know when hiring a CakePHP developer

CakePHP is a commonly used open source MVC framework. A huge segment of website development services use it to showcase their professionalism with this innovative web development structure to their clientele. Surely, website development, site maintenance and deployment have become quite simple with it in comparison to PHP frameworks.

So, the next time you speak to website development company, enquire about CakePHP. And, don’t just nod your head in anything they say, but also get clear details about what they are actually going to do in it for your website.

How CakePHP does adds to website development?

CakePHP includes several libraries which lessens the burden in comparison to the most of the tasks in a PHP based website development company. Some of the advantages of using CakePHP are:

  1. MVC framework
  2. Library help
  3. SEO friendly
  4. Built-in Validation
  5. Caching functionality
  6. Localization validation

Some points in detail

The MVC pattern: It renders data handling support and model class for insertion, deletion, reading and update of data. Hence, the website development companies use CakePHP offers the data on the display. It also edits data before database model interaction. Hence, it gets simple for the software development company to develop gigantic sites and apps with CakePHP.

Built-in Validation: Built-in validation is basic in CakePHP. But, you can also include several validations rules to one field to make your task simple.

Things to consider when hiring cakephp framework development services

Appointing a cakePHP developer isn’t simple. You need to consider several standards. They are basic standards which every custom php development company abides by:

Background of the company

The portfolio of the company reveals its efficacy in handling and completing a project at the correct time with the correct resources. The developer’s credentials and the way they recruit for projects as well as their experience and expertise in a field reveals a lot about how they will handle your project. Any programmer working on CakePHP project should have a 2 year experience. Though it is not an obligatory point, but it gives the developer an idea to handle the ups and downs of the project.

Coding standards

The cakePHP framework runs on a particular coding standard and syntax which should be known to every developer who wishes to work on a CakePHP project. The more the developer is familiar with the syntax and standards, the better the project will turn out to be and get completed at the right time.

Knowledge of all the related technologies

CakePHP doesn’t work alone. It works with other technologies for the development of the site. It is a framework depending on other technologies. Hence, the expertise which you should look in the cakephp framework development services are that the panel should have professional from JavaScript, HTML, Ajax, PHP and CSS.

Choosing the perfect developer for your CakePHP website will help you ensure that you get the best output in your website designing and development. If you are thinking to develop a cakePHP project, then Rockers Technology is your one-stop solution for efficient and on-time delivery.