The Right Ring and the right Occasion

1.5 Carat Black Diamond Solitaire Ring in 18K Gold - William White

The moment when we see ourselves in white and in a tailcoat in front of the altar in the church, in a blooming pink pavilion, on the beach at sunset, at the local town hall or at the highest peak in Europe. Everything unites one thing the desire to merge into one, the celebration of true love and a new beginning. Before entering into marriage, but before that big day, however, complicated planning awaits the partners. They both want everything to turn out exactly according to their ideas. It is almost without doubt that they have their hidden dreams and secret wishes, which capture in detail the moment when the wedding bells ring.

In the case of a logistically and time-consuming event, it is therefore ideal to start from a pre-prepared list of individual activities and tasks that need to be completed at a specified time in order to avoid slippage and stress. You can also use our wedding planner as a helper. In addition to securing the venue, selecting guests, printing and sending invitations, ordering cake and refreshments, finding the perfect dress and suit, deciding on colors and floral arrangements, the list is lit like a beacon buying wedding rings. These smooth or decorated rings have been associated with humanity since time immemorial perhaps because there are so many symbols and fascinating magic in them. For the Black Diamond Rings this is very true.

We are aware of their importance, and therefore in the following lines we will focus on how to choose the right wedding rings that will confirm your love and will accompany you for the rest of your life.

Choose From Thousands, But From Tens

The wedding market with rings and other goods is just flourishing, and the merchants will overwhelm you with their offer and various recommendations and proven advice. You are faced with complicated decisions, because who can be sure that he really looked at all the rings made and that he did not miss the only perfect pair? Don’t panic, but have a nice evening. Sit down with your partner and consider what you expect from wedding rings and compare all the pros and cons. Based on the list, you will be able to narrow the selection from several thousand different pieces to a few dozen models. If you manage to define what your heart longs for, you have half won.

Are you looking for symbolism?

The ring itself is an important symbol of the wedding ceremony, but do you want it to hide something extra? The design of intertwining rings, which is popular with wedding sets for brides, subtly indicates how the newlywed intertwines her life with her partner, even though he wears a different and smooth ring on his finger. The same rims worn by husband and wife, which differ only in size, speak to partner unity. The engraved inscriptions on the inside of the rings recall the importance of the moment or carry a message that is only understandable to the devotees. You can also express love without borders by putting the eternity of the ring on the ring finger, because the promise of faithful love already emanates from its name to the grave. Wedding rings can very easily define you as a couple.

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How much does the material matter?

Believe that really a lot. The selected metal also carries with it a number of specific properties, maintenance and storage requirements and the possibility of combining it with clothing and other jewelry. In short, the type of material usually determines the engagement ring but not always. Gold wedding rings are rightly the most popular choice for engaged couples. Yellow gold is one of the timeless choices 14 and 18 carats are stronger than 22 kt, so it is suitable for everyday wear. Modern jewelers also pay attention to the increasingly popular white gold, but also to the truly durable platinum, whose discreet color will appeal especially to lovers of simple style and men. In recent years, the search engine of couples longing for marriage has also received distinctive and charming rose gold.

Glossy or brushed surface

To make the situation even more complicated, you also need to think about what surface of the ring you would like. The most common is the smooth glossy processing, on which, however, the scars caused by constant wear soon stand out. An interesting choice is therefore sandblasted or sanded surfaces, which are matte at first glance. If you are looking for something special, try a scratched or ice design, where scratches and scratches mean creative invention and impress with their novelty.

Does a wedding ring have a profile?

No, don’t worry, we don’t indicate that wedding rings have their profiles on social networks, but we do show that each ring has a different cross-section, which affects the comfort of wearing and putting it on. With us, you can choose from a basic trio of profiles: comfortable, semicircular and flat. We recommend that you try out the individual models in real life this will certainly make your decision easier.

With or without stones

Engagement rings often accentuate captivating gems and diamonds, just as wedding rings can stand out with their distinctive decoration. The simple design is usually chosen by the partners because men do not want an eye-catching hoop, and for women, the contrast of the engagement and wedding ring stands out. The model with small diamonds looks very elegant; especially the peacock setting gives it a luxurious touch. However, your personality plays an important role in the decision-making process: if you are close to shine and glitter, then succumb to the beauty of the rim with precious stones, if you profess minimalism, focus on smooth pieces.

Special tip: It is claimed that wedding rings should be paired and look the same or similar so they can only differ in size. Fortunately, this remnant is already disappearing into the abyss of history, as the couple realizes that they will wear wedding rings forever. Based on this, they can choose rims that connect only a small detail such as engraving or metal which is important only to them. It is becoming more and more common for ladies to prefer a more ornate piece, in which a diamond or a gemstone glitters here and there, while gentlemen are more inclined to smooth simplicity or inconspicuous details if they really decide to wear the ring on a daily basis. Although men are usually steadfast minimalists, they do not hesitate to put an elegant eternity ring lit by colored or clear precious stones on their rings at the altar, or they will add the second part of the model from a charming wedding set to the engagement ring.