The Fashion of Sandals and Slides and when, how to Style them

The fashion world is expanding and evolving rapidly. There is an invention of a specific look for each and every occasion like a formal and classy look for dinner, business meetings and elegantly royal look for weddings or any family events. The footwear nowadays is also differentiated into formal and informal styles. Where stiletto, pumps, shoes, etc. gives a formal look, the boots and sneakers stay neutral as they can be worn both casually and formally, whereas sandals and slides fall very much in an informal and casual side. The footwear worn these days mostly depends on the seasons and climatic conditions. Flashy women’s summer sandals are in trend in the present market. FlashyBox has a range of Flashy Women’ Sandals in their collection.

The types of sandals you wear decide the look and style of your foot. So you must be careful while choosing a sandal for your foot. Some varieties if sandals are:

  • Wedged Sandals:

These are a bit high and wedged heeled sandals which can be worn with mini skirts, frocks, dresses or even with leggings or jeans. They are available in several designs but most commonly in black shades. They usually come with a buckle, and you might need a little practice to walk in them if you aren’t familiar with walking in heels.

  • Flat Sandals:

These women’s designer sandals are elegant and simple in the looks. These are quite comfortable and commonly chosen option. They also come with a buckle and available in several colors, styles, designs, and patterns. They can be worn both casually and formally and are quite light on your budget.

  • Gladiators

They are long length sandals which come in several designs and patterns. They are usually worn during summer, but they work in other seasons as well. They can be either heeled or flat, but flats are most common among them. You can flaunt your gladiators on your beautiful legs by wearing a one piece short dress or mini skirt.

  • Flip Flops or Slides

These are quite trendy these days as they give a quite casual and cool look to your outfit. These Designer Women’s Slides give you a natural look and are very easy to maintain as they are rough ware. There is a considerable variety of flip flops and slides styles available in the market with different styles and colors.

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