The Cash In Your Jewellery Box

We’ve all been in situations where we found ourselves in need in quick cash and not being able to draw on our savings accounts because the available balance was just $0.00. If that hasn’t happened to you yet, it could happen which is why you should have some back-up plan to gaining access to cash in a few minutes. Sometimes, our salaries cannot last through the month, sometimes, unforeseen emergencies occur that we hadn’t planned for. In such cases, you might want to rummage through your jewellery box and see what pieces you can sell and get the cash you are desperately in need of. Old gold jewellery whether it is in good condition or a little banged up can be a life saver. 

There are probably a lot of things you can sell to get some extra cash. Your dresser or jewellery can be a literal tressure chest with the potential of having some beautiful and useful gold jewellery pieces. There are probably innumerable earrings, necklaces, rings, broaches and items inherited from your grandma gathering dust. Some of these pieces you might still use frequently and others have been languishing beneath the dust because they are out of style or you are simply over them. You might even have necklaces with broken clasps and lone earrings that were once part of a pair. Get some use out of them, clean your dresser out or jewellery box and take it down to Melbourne Gold Company and exchange it for the cash that you really need.

Gold has always been a sought-after material. It is seen as a good investment but for the average person, it is the fastest way to make money. Gold is recyclable and can be melting and reused to make new items. Gold is a precious metal that retains its value. As long as there is a demand for gold, there will always be a need for gold. Broken engagement Failed marriage? Flinging your rings in the ocean or flushing it down the toilet is really like throwing money away and by money, we are talking about more than just a couple of dollars but thousands of dollar. If you are going to fall out of love with someone, don’t fall out of love with the jewellery – do something useful with it. 

The first thing you want to do is sort your jewellery. Determine the gold jewellery pieces that with sentimental value like pieces that were handed down in your family from generation to generation. Then separate pieces according to condition. Put aside pieces that are in good condition o one side and those other pieces with damages to another side. The next thing you want to do is to separate the gold pieces according to the karats. You might want to hold on to family heirlooms or if push comes to shove, sell them but sell them at a very good price to at least compensate for the loss of some things with a deeper meaning for you.  Do research on the kind of buyers who are looking for vintage jewellery and other gold buyers who regard all gold jewellery as scrap gold.

Find out what the fair market price of the gold jewellery you want to sell is. You can do this online or go to a local gold buyer for an appraisal. You can try and calculate it yourself or use the free online gold calculators however, you shouldn’t expect to be on the money with your own personal calculation.  This is one of the reasons why it is important to get more than one quote and is on the market. Shoot for the average on all the valuations.  

If you are going to consider cash for gold jewellery, it wouldn’t hurt to clean it a bit. Cleaning gold jewellery does not required special chemicals warm water and dishwashing liquid. Remember that the purer the gold is, the softer it is and prone to scratches. Be careful in how you handle the gold jewellery.