The 3 best performances of Vennela Kishore

It is always a pleasure to watch Comedy Movies which we like most. The action laced with comedy is an absolute treat to the viewers who watch Telugu movies. The comedy movies to watch are many in numbers for the viewers if they had missed at theaters. However, the viewer’s joy knew no bounds if viewers love watching the best performances of Vennela Kishore. The storyline and music of these films attract viewers a lot. Watching the Telugu movies online is an excellent experience for all.

Choosing the right platform for online movies watch is the need of the hour. Many online viewers have given plenty of views about Telugu movies watching online. Especially, comedy films are liked by the audience majorly. The collections of best Telugu films are available with popular online platforms for the benefit of viewers. Excellent films of any genre are available for the viewers. However, a particular interest is created among viewers for the Vennela Kishore films. The story and screenplay were excellent in all comedy films of Kishore, and he has a lot of fan base in the Telugu industry. Most of the movies of Kishore have achieved many milestones in the industry.

  1. Arjun Suravaram is a Telugu action thriller film that ran for several days. Santhosh directed the film, and SAM scored the music. The film story is very engaging, and hence the audience loves the plot to the fullest. The film story rotates around the hero who has great respect for journalism against his father’s wish. Lavanya has done the female opposite role and has given an excellent performance. Kishore’s performance has made the audience to love him more.
  2. Raju Gari Gadhi 2 is another Telugu comedy film laced with horror features. While Ohmkar directed the film, Thaman scored the music. The film story revolves around three friends from college days, and they decide to run a resort business by investing a considerable amount. The horror part of the film is astonishing and makes the viewers sit at the edge of the seat. Nagarjuna and Samantha have exceptionally done their roles. Kishore’s comedy is a sigh of relief.
  3. Nookayya is another famous crime thriller Telugu film released in the year 2012. Manoj and Kriti have superbly acted in the movie. The hero of the film is a cell phone thief but good at heart since he takes care of orphans. Vennela Kishore added excitement to this film with his exceptional comedy timing.