Statistics And Insight To “What Is Unogoal?”

Searching for a website to receive the best live score updates from? Also interested in match wagering? The Internet has a website up its sleeves to meet all your requirements! This website updates the latest live scores of soccer and updates on fixtures for more than 1000 matches around the world. Yes, as already you must have guessed, it’s Unogoal.

Below are a few statistics you can use to achieve a vivid overview of the performance and details of this website-

  • Daily visitors – 3000 (three thousand)

Around 3000 people around the Globe visit their page daily to receive the best live updates on any ongoing sports event.

  • Loading time –38 seconds (two decimal three eight seconds)

Due to heavy user traffic but a stable server, the website takes around 2.38 seconds to display the homepage to the viewers, due to the stable server. The servers of this website are hosted in the US.

  • Age of the website – 10 years (ten years)

Established in 2011, the website has survived the dynamic market for the last ten years and has managed to grow and keep up to viewers’ expectations.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) score –4% (fifty nine decimal four percent)

SEO is one of the principal determinants of how successful a website is going to be on the internet between the competition of billions. With a stable score of 59.4 percent, this website is doing pretty well.

  • Daily Ad revenue – 20 Dollars (twenty US dollars)

The advertising revenue on this website considering the user traffic reaches the daily bar of Twenty USD, which reaches a sum of Six Hundred USD by the end of the month.

  • Daily Bandwidth –98 TB (two decimal nine eight Tetrabyte)

Bandwidth is the name of the capacity of a computer network to transfer data in bits per second (Bps). It can be remarked as stable in the case of this website.

  • Worth of the website – $80,000 (eighty thousand US dollars)

Over the last years, this website could earn itself a hefty worth in the market by its utility for the sports enthusiasts and its growing popularity.

  • Global rank of the website – #2,38,161 (two lakh, thirty-eight thousand, one hundred sixty-one)

Among the billions of websites online, it has managed to fetch itself a rank somewhere in the initial lakhs, which is still impressive.

  • Tags used –











The above-mentioned tags are the ones that are used by the website for easy navigation.

  • Keywords –
  • Unogoal : 87.17% (eighty seven decimal one seven percent)
  • Livescore : 12.68 % (twelve decimal six eight percent)
  • Ingoal : 0.15 % (zero decimal one five percent)

According to the statistics, the website gets most of its views through the search by its name, followed by some views through the word “livescore” and a nominal share of views from the word “ingoal”.

  • Homepage Links – 2 (two) external links.

The homepage of the website hosts only two external links, no internal or other links.

Hence, after going through all these statistics, this website can be entrusted for best live scores and authentic analysis for wagering on tournaments. Hope all this information helps you reach a fruitful conclusion.