Alternative dip tobacco making companies are always in competition with making their products more competitive than the other. That is why these companies charged ahead to made the most authentic tobacco alternative that gives the satisfaction like the real dip. Here are some of the customers who used the products from different companies and were passionate in sharing their reviews.

Bert M.

Bert is a 46 year male who has dipped his entire life and found the Grizzly alternative to be the best of all. He has tried all the tobacco dips and said that no other product matches the texture, flavor and nicotine level of the long cuts that Grizzly is offering. 

John P. 

John P., from Oklahoma shared his story and said that he had been meaning to quit chewing tobacco for over 15 years but couldn’t because other alternative dips available on the internet weren’t doing the magic what they were supposed to do. That is when he tried the already popular Black Buffalo dip alternative and said that he wasn’t expecting much. But to his surprise, the product was something that actually was worthy of praise and matched to that of original dip. Here a few examples of Black Buffalo reviews

Josh F.

Josh F., took a leap of faith and ordered the Big 3-Pack. He shared his experience is a review and said that he is really impressed with all of 3 dip flavors. He further mentioned that he tried other alternatives too, but no one else has got it right like Black Buffalo did.

Danny A.

Danny A., highlighted something that deserves as much as attention as possible. He admired the packaging and the texture of the Long Horn Peach long cut. He reviewed the product to be better than the other dips. He mentioned that the flavor of Peach Long Cut had a nice citrus blend, and is far better than other flavors. Danny said that he has become the lifelong customer of the brand.

Kris B.

Kris B, thanked the Black Buffalo team for their finely made product. He said that he was a regular dipper and battled the habit for quite some time. Kris tried other alternative dipping brands but then went back on using the traditional dip again. After using the long cut dip alternative offered by the Black Buffalo, he is now happy and enjoys using Black Buffalo alternative dip tobacco products.

Colten S.

Colten S. wasn’t shy in sharing in what he experienced. He said that upon trying the Smokey Mountains product for the first time, he loved it. He further added that he will order  in the near future, as he is really happy with the product right now. He praised the team behind the idea of making tobacco free dips and thanked them for doing the perfect job of making alternative tobacco dips possible.

In short, there are many reviews from many different users of chewing tobacco and tobacco dip online and you can read about the different flavors and products available and choose the best for you. Some people like going into the stores and buying and some like ordering online, but whatever your preference there are many great tobacco dip products available and many new products like the alternative tobacco and smokeless products.