Ports 101: Xingang Port

The port of XINGANG is one of the largest man-made ports in China. Located in Tianjin, the port is popularly known as Tianjin Port by the locals. It has more than 159 berths, out of which 102 have a capacity of more than 10,000 tons. Further, it trades with 180 counties and more than 500 ports. Keep reading to find out more about the port of Xingang. 

Port of Xingang — Location

The port is located in the Tianjin Province of mainland China. It is around 24 kilometres away from Tianjin Cruise Port, 180 kilometres from Being, 58 kilometres from Tianjin’s city centre and 12 kilometres from Tanggu Railway Station. 

With the opening of Tianjin’s Home Port in 2010, the former Xingang passenger terminal is used only for international cruise ships. A majority of global cruise ships are scheduled to this new terminal, the home port of Tianjin International Cruise Terminal. 

Port of Xingang —Background

The port of Tianjin or Xingang is open throughout the year and all the seasons. It is a full-service port that runs nearly all types of cargo such as dry and liquid bulk, containers, vehicles and general cargo. Further, it also handles passengers. 

The port was earlier known as Tanggu Port and presently, it is one of the major maritime gateways to Beijing, China. It is located on the shores of Bohai Bay, Haihe River Estuary and is around 60 km east of Tianjin Main city and 170km southeast of Beijing. 

Tianjin Cruise Port 

Xingang Port is the passenger terminal of Tianjin. It is a double-storey building with all the necessary amenities. There are around 9 waiting rooms and halls for the passengers. Further, there is a booking hall to the west of the main building, to book tickets mainly for the local cruise for local tourists. 

Cruise vessels dock near the main building and passengers first need to go through the customs and then out of the building. There are two parking lots as well in front of the main building. So, this was all about the passenger or cruise terminal, now let’s move on to the other terminals of Xinjiang port. 

Port of Tianjin — Terminals 

The Tianjin Five Continents International Container Terminal is located in the Beijiang Port area of the Tianjin Port. It has 4 large berths that can handle up to 100 thousand DWT. This port terminal has 3944 feet of quays along with a depth of 45.3 to 51.5 feet covering 35 hectares. This Port has an overall capacity to handle 1.5 million TEUs per annum. 

Another port in the Beijing area of Tianjin’s port is the Tianjin Orient Container Terminal. This terminal also has 4 berths that can accommodate vessels to 100 thousand DWT. Further, it has 3734 feet of quays alongside a depth of 46 feet. 

The port of Tianjin Orient Container Terminal is spread over 45 hectares and has nearly 10 quay cranes. Two of these cranes can handle 30.5 tons, five can handle 43 tons and three can handle 40.5 tons respectively. This terminal is capable of handling 1.4 million TEUs per annum. 

Next, there is one more popular terminal in the Beijiang Port area. It is known as the Tianjin Port Alliance International Container. It has 3 berths for accommodating vessels up to 100 thousand DWT. Alongside the depth of 51 feet, there is a quay of 3609 feet of 1100 meters. Further, there are 11 quay cranes of 65 tons, on this terminal. The port is spread over 63 hectares and can handle 1.85 million TEUs per annum. 

Xingang Port or Tianjin Port is one of the major ports after Shanghai Port in China. It plays an important role in China’s Maritime routine. Visit here for more information