Is reverse phone lookup effective if search through social networks?

Maybe you need a list of information (such as a name, and address) about a person, a business or an organization, but all you have is their cell phone number or, line phone number. Fortunately, there are resources such as Reverse phone lookup directories or, search engines that you can use to find more information such as a name or address, from that phone number.

Find using Facebook

Another of the most used methods among Reverse phone lookup is to find a person is to use Facebook using their mobile number. Since, fortunately, it is possible and very easy to find Facebook accounts using your mobile number. That is, the method will be satisfactory if the account of the person on this platform is linked to the phone number you have. Next, the steps you have to do to perform this type of search on Facebook:

First of all, navigate to the official website of this social network, and access your active account. Then proceed to locate yourself on the search bar that contains the platform at the top. Now, in said search bar, type the mobile number to locate, and you must also make sure to enter the corresponding area code. So, click on “See results for …”

Finally, you will be redirected to a new window within the social network. And in case the search has been successful, you can locate the profile of the person who has associated your Facebook account with that mobile phone number. If the trick is not successful which means the user has not provided the same phone number to the social network (as you did in this procedure).It is valuable to note that, this method is very useful to get people who call you from a phone number registered with the social network. With it, you can protect yourself from any kind of SPAMcalls or, fraud.

Using Instagram

Today, another of the most used social networks worldwide is Instagram and, thanks to that, it can be an excellent alternative to locate a person, known or, unknown with the help of thee phone number. Taking into account that, you can see everything about how to find people on Instagram from several online blogs, or articles. The process to perform in this trick, is much simpler and faster than the previous ones.In such a way, you simply must do the following:

First of all, add the phone number in question in the contacts application of your mobile. Said mobile must be from which you access your Instagram account.Second, enter Instagram and go to your profile, from there, click on the option “Discover people”. Then, locate yourself in the “Contacts” tab and in case the number searched belongs to a user with a profile registered in this social platform, you will see the suggestion in this section. That’s it.

Indeed, these process are helpful but, not as effective as Reverse phone lookup software. What will you do if the person is not in the social network, or the number is not registered? Here, you will need this software.