How to Transport a Motorcycle – A Guide to Choose the Best Option

Those who moved their motorcycle before are well aware of the fact that it is easy to say than to do. There are many reasons for moving a motorcycle such as moving family to other countries for greener pastures or jobs, attending motorcycle rallies in other places, and more. Whatever the reason may be to transport the motorcycle, where and how to start is tricky.

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The following are a few options to choose from when you transport your motorcycle. Let us know about them in detail:

1. Transporting motorcycle, yourself

The DIY process often seems to be the best approach, but there are few downsides as well. Here are the pros as well as cons of the DIY approach:

Pros – The main advantage of transporting a motorcycle yourself is your motorcycle will be in your hands. Also, you can save money too.

Cons – DIY approach may sound inexpensive, but you have to consider the cost of the equipment involved. Most of the DIY projects often end up with more money and time than estimated.

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How to move a motorcycle yourself?

  • Choose the right trailer or vehicle to transport your motorcycle securely.
  • Take help from your friends or others to load onto the vehicle
  • Find out a hard place to tie the vehicle and wrap gently on the rest of the places.
  • Check insurance to make sure that the vehicle covers the insurance if there is an accident.

2. Transporting motorcycle through a professional service

You can choose non-DIY choices like professional services. They are not only well-equipped, but also offer specialized experience as well.

Pros – A professional service offers a customized design depending on the needs of their customer. They provide all the equipment from hardware to tie-downs, specialty trucks, and more to move the vehicle to the destination. They provide a well-experienced team to take care of your motorcycle in all situations. Also, insurance is not mandatory as they offer end-to-end service.

Cons – The price of a professional service will be a little higher compared to DIY process as they make use of specialized expertise, equipment, and high-quality service.

If you need a damage-free, timely delivery of your vehicle without getting dirt on your hands, then a professional transporting service is an ideal choice.

How to choose a professional service?

However, there are a lot of professional motorcycle companies available on the market, the following are a few tips that help you in choosing the best one.

  • Look at the license of a company
  • Confirm accessibility that is both picking up and dropping locations before making a deal in order to evade extra charges
  • Know about the equipment of the company
  • Confirm whether the company offers an online booking service or not

Gather information about a few professional motorcycle transporting companies, get quotes, compare, and finally, choose a company that offers high-quality service at the best price.