How to Pawn Your Car for Cash

Tough times can fall on just about anyone. Whether you have a medical emergency or are recently unemployed and need money quickly, then you can pawn your car for cash during this transitional time.

The Requirements

In order to pawn your car for cash, you need to find your car title. This is what you will need to hand over to the pawnshop so that it can be used as collateral. If you can’t find your car title, then you will need to get a replacement car title from the DMV. The car title will need to be in your own name. You can’t borrow money against your car if it’s not in your name. If the title isn’t in your name, then you technically don’t own it. You aren’t able to pawn something that you don’t own. You can’t owe any money on your car either. You can only pawn the car if it is lien free and paid off. You can’t owe any money to lenders or any agency that has claimed possession of the car due to any debts not paid. Check out Auto Site for more information

The Process

In order to pawn your car after you have found your car title and meet the requirements, you will need to head to a pawnshop. You can visit different ones that are nearby so you can compare different offers. Confirm the appraisal with the pawnbroker; they will look at the title and the car. You will then review the terms of the loan and sign off. Some pawnshops will allow you to just leave the title as collateral while others will make you keep your car there. The car will be stored in a secured facility during the duration of the loan. Check this link for more information –

What You Should Know about the Process

Interest rates are the major issue with title loans, since you are paying for the convenience with the interest. Many states won’t have a limit on interest rates so lenders can charge high amounts. There are some states that do have a limit on the interest rates that can be charged for title loans. The terms of the loan are also set by the states. In many states, the standard length most lenders use will be 30 days. There are some states that will require longer minimum terms. Many states will allow you to rollover the loan if you don’t have the money to pay back when right on time, but there will be more interest charged. This can create a cycle of debt for many borrowers who won’t be able to ever pay it back. If you do default on the loan, then the lender can reposses the car and sell it. The grace period will depend on the lender. has over 500,000 used car for sale in the UK