How to Host a Protest to Raise Awareness of Environmental Issues

Protests are an excellent way to make the government aware of different issues. It’s the backbone of any democracy. In places where people’s voices don’t matter, protests are a criminal act. Therefore, we’re lucky to be in a nation where it’s possible to raise these concerns to the government. Several times in the past, we saw how loud voices work. From voting rights to same-sex marriage, people got heard. Now, we have another pressing issue on our hands – the environment. It seems like the government still refuses to take bold actions to save the environment even if we already see the adverse effects. As such, it makes sense to keep protesting. Our voices matter, and we have to let the people in power take the necessary steps. If you want to host one to raise environmental issues, these are some tips to follow.

Maintain social distancing

Before, crowd size weren’t an issue. In fact, larger crowds were a testament to the success of the efforts. When more people come out to support, it shows that the protest is a huge success. It also alarms the government since there’s always strength in numbers. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s no longer safe to gather in large numbers. Maintain social distancing while doing the protests. Follow the guidelines set by government agencies. Otherwise, people will talk about the violation of the guidelines. It will take attention away from the main cause.

Get a permit to protest 

There are different laws concerning the permit to protests. Find out what your local government says about hosting a protest and get the necessary permits. Otherwise, police forces will have the authority to disperse the protest immediately. It would be a waste if you gathered enough people, and it ends up in dispersal due to the lack of a permit. You also don’t want to end in a fight with authorities.

Be clear with your message

The problem with some protests is that there are too many issues raised. The ideas get mixed up and diluted. Even if the government wants to engage, officials have no idea which problem they have to take action on. It helps if you stay clear about the changes you want to make. Create a statement declaring your demands. Make sure they’re realistic. You can’t force the government to do changes that aren’t within their powers. For instance, some policies can only change if laws get passed on a national level. Protest to the right authorities and stick to what you want to happen.

Prepare for the worst

Even if you have clear intentions, things might not end well. Prepare for the worst outcomes. Make sure no one gets hurt. Be willing to leave if violence starts to escalate. Prepare evacuation options too. You have to get out of the area as soon as problems arise.

Be a good example

You can only convince people to join your cause if you’re a good example. Otherwise, no one will believe in you. They will think you’re not sincere. Partner with a Daytona Beach junk removal company if you feel concerned about where your trash gets dumped. You will have more authority if you set a good example. People will most likely join your protest.