How To Become A Data Scientist?


In a recent profession, there is no training dedicated to data scientists. You can check data science course training in Hyberadad. Nevertheless, several diplomas are starting to emerge:

  • Master in Big Data Engineering;
  • Master in Mathematics and Applications, Statistical specialty for evaluation and forecasting;
  • Master MIASHS, Big Data, and data mining specialty;
  • Specialized Master in Big Data;
  • Master Statistics for smart data;
  • Specialized Master in Big Data, specialization in Management and analysis of big data.

 The Salary Of A Data Scientist

Even if salaries do not yet reach those practiced in the United States, data scientists make an excellent living. 

Prospects For The Evolution Of A Data Scientist

A data scientist can eventually progress to the position of Director of Information Systems.

Companies that employ data scientists

  • E-merchant
  • Media
  • IT services company
  • Banks
  • Consulting firm.

Main Activities

Extraction, Standardization, And Structuring Of Customer Data

  • Collect, select and validate relevant customer data for analysis.
  • Define storage solutions and data structuring.
  • Convert, code, and map consumption or product usage data in a format understandable by all employees.
  • Improve the quality and enrich the company’s customer databases.
  • Determine the tools and methods for acquiring data from a set of technically heterogeneous databases.
  • Design the architecture of a Data warehouse.
  • Control the quality of data throughout their processing.

 Predictive Analysis And Development Of Customer Knowledge

  • Implement and guarantee statistical modeling of data.
  • Develop learning algorithms and predictive scenarios of customer behavior.
  • Optimize customer segmentation using statistics and consumption data.
  • Study and implement the best technical solutions to manage large volumes of data.
  • Design models for detecting insights (attitude or deep belief of consumers, which acts as a brake or motivation for behavior, on which the marketing will seek to define an offer or build an advertising promise) and market opportunities.
  • Test, control the quality and consistency of databases.
  • Support the company in the development of value creation levers.

Optimization Of The Company’s Marketing Actions

  • Implement and optimize CRM strategies for relationship marketing.
  • Improve the performance of customer contact platforms (Web, etc.).
  • Optimize the targeting of direct marketing campaigns (emailing, SMS, web, etc.).
  • Analyze customer retention rates and the factors contributing to them.
  • Measure the ROI (Return on Investment) of all the company’s marketing actions.
  • Build and optimize appetite scores (a tool that reflects the probability that a prospect will become a consumer of the promoted product or service).
  • Provide the marketing department with the data necessary for carrying out market research.

Technological Watch On Data Mining Tools

  • Monitor new technologies and software solutions for data analysis.
  • Research and experiment with new methods of data modeling and analysis.
  • Select new data management tools and techniques.

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