What is poker?

Poker is a card game in which a specific number of cards are distributed to the players. The game is divided into rounds and the winner of each round is decided based on best hand according to the rules of the game. There are five cards five-card displayed on the table of which the first three cards are disclosed together and rest are disclosed individually respectively. There are three types a move a player can play that is check, fold and raise. The cards are disclosed only when every player plays the same move or even if someone folds and others give in the same amount. The showdown comes after all the cards are disclosed on the board and all players show their cards and the winner is declared based on the ranking of hands and the whole pot money goes to the winner.

The basic differences between both of them-

  • The pace of the game- The players tend to play much more rounds in online poker than in live poker because the time dealer takes to distribute the cards is eliminated in online poker and the time is taken to collect the winnings after every round is also eliminated significantly increasing the speed of the game.
  • Play in multiple tables- One can play in multiple tables at a time which is not possible in live poker. Thus it even increases the number of hands one can play in a stipulated period in online poker compared to live.
  • The ability to record statistics- There are various websites or software which records the stats of the player like the winning percentage, time played, etc. which is only possible in online poker.
  • Player understanding- The players tend to understand their competitors better in live poker because they can see their reactions and get to know their position by seeing their emotions.

Which of them is harder?

The players playing online like SBOBET Indonesia are generally more serious because they come in with a small amount of money and they aim to earn profits and the chances of winning in online pokers are slim and single error and the game is gone. In live poker like casinos, people come to have fun and spend money rather than focusing on earning profits therefore if you are serious the probability of winning increases.

Which of them is more profitable?

It has been seen that live poker is more profitable because everyone is not focused on live poker so being above average player may result in having adequate profit. Therefore the level of competition is an important factor for choosing between online and live poker. A person may even tend to lose money in online poker because in the flow of the game he may not realize how much is already spent


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