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Aha brings you some interesting films out of its stock. One such delectable fare is NenuNaanestham. Let’s discuss some aspects of the movie.

Nenu Na nestham- the director of this film, is Srinivas Thimmaiah. The main cast includes Shivraj. K.R Pete, SamyuktaHornad, Govinde Gowda, RocklineSudhakar, and others.

The genre is drama. It is the story of an auto driver who is happily married. One day, the auto driver sees a dog, adopts the abandoned dog, and names it Gundu. Despite his wife’s emphatic opposition, the dog becomes an integral part of his life.

The auto driver takes every good care of Gundu, his beloved dog, and even talks to his dog. And the faithful dog listens to his every word and even understands.

His wife always shouts at him for having the dog at home. Life goes on with the daily arguments, but it is not all that simple. There are villains in the film too. So what happens next?

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Over to you 

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