French Bulldogs and Your Options in Perfect Terms

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The French Bulldog is one of the most popular small dogs you will find. He is the ideal companion dog for families with children who live in apartments: at the same time he is super playful and agitated, his body is strong enough to play with the little ones and manages to easily adapt to small spaces. Get to know a little more and fall in love with the French bulldog dog with us!

The physical characteristics that differentiate him from the English bulldog

Even though the name is similar, the Frenchie and the English Bulldog are two completely different dogs, starting with their size: while the French Bulldog is small, reaching 35 centimeters and 15 kg, his cousin from England is medium and usually has up to 40 centimeters and 30kg. Both are brachycephalic animals, so they have a smaller snout than normal, but while the English Bulldog has a greater amount of folds on his face, the Frenchman’s eyes are well populated and striking. In addition, the smallest can also have a greater variation in coat colors: you can find French Bulldog black, white, beige, mottled with these colors, grayish or even the brindle French Bulldog.

The French Bulldog is a brachycephalic dog: be aware of the limitations that this causes

One of the main characteristics of all Bulldogs is the “dented” and shorter than normal snout, common to brachycephalic dogs. As much as it makes their appearance even cuter, it is common that this change in anatomy causes breathing difficulties in these animals. This is precisely why even if your French bulldog has enough energy, heavier exercises, such as long or very fast runs, are not suitable for him. To avoid sedentary lifestyle and overweight, he needs to move daily, but in moderation.

Also, be aware of his behavior during the summer or on very hot days in other seasons, this same characteristic can make it more difficult for him to go through the days of higher temperature. Make sure he will always have plenty of water available and a fresh place to stay: the French bulldog dog is more adaptable to indoor environments than backyards. Listen but don’t pay much attention because, after all, you have another point of view and you probably didn’t do anything wrong;

Preventive health care for the French bulldog is essential

Folds need attention especially on the face: clean frequently and always dry after bathing to avoid dermatitis. Because dogs do not need to do a lot of exercise, they tend to gain a lot of weight, but you can avoid canine obesity by choosing a balanced Frenchie dog food: offer a medium amount of food daily and, of course, keep the routine of light walks in day.