Four Tips To Using An Air Conditioner Efficiently

Often the air conditioner is unusable in companies because it malfunctions. It is immediately assumed that it is because of some manufacturing problem or defect. But the cause may be the incorrect way of using the air conditioner.

For example, there are some reasons for this, for example, the way the device was installed and the frequency with which the user switches the air conditioner on and off. Furthermore, it is also important to consider cleaning the appliance. Check how to use it efficiently.

  1. Install The Equipment Correctly

A bad installation can cause problems for the device. Therefore, the professional who will perform it must install the outdoor unit (condenser) in a place with good air circulation. This is to prevent hot air from being trapped around it, which forces the engine to run more, making the device consume more energy.

Another tip is to avoid clogging the sides and bottom of your window air conditioner. This in order not to smother the condenser, avoiding the reduction of the device’s efficiency.

Also, don’t forget to protect the outside from the sun. After all, it makes the equipment overheat, causing a possible malfunction. For this case, it is recommended to install a small roof, but without blocking the ventilation grids.

  1. Set The Air Conditioner To The Ideal Temperature

Another way to use air conditioning is to avoid the excessive cold. That’s because, to reach extreme temperatures, the device has to keep turning on and off more often, putting too much strain on the engine. This will cause problems with the device in the long term. The most suitable is to keep the environment at temperatures close to 23º C. 

  1. Periodically Perform Cleaning

Dust, bacteria, and harmful microorganisms are the residues that end up accumulating in any air conditioner. Hence the importance of cleaning it frequently. Ideally, filters should be washed at least once a month. They should also be changed every six months by highly trained technicians if the place is not busy. In case of a continuous flow of people, it is essential to change the filter every three months.

  1. Avoid Turning The Device On And Off Quickly

Usually, when the installation technician visits an establishment with a malfunctioning air conditioner, he finds that the user turns the equipment on and off at short intervals. This is one of the ways you can misuse your air conditioner. For these cases, the technician must tell the user that if they are going out for just a few minutes, or even half an hour, it is better to leave the device turned on. Now, in the case of using the air conditioning for long periods, the suggestion is to purchase devices with Inverter technology. This model is more efficient and adjusts the compressor’s work as needed.

These were some tips on how to use the air conditioner efficiently. It is essential that the installer always use certified appliances and carry out maintenance periodically. Always go for the best repair service.