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Four Things to Do in Jakarta during Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is fantastic news to everybody, even to people who’re not observing the festivity.

Jakarta is a top decision to go whenever Lunar New Year is just around the corner. Home to many Chinese-Indonesians, Jakarta is set to ring in the festival known as Imlek, with various celebrations and cuisines. Here are ideas on what to do in the Chinese New Year’s vacation in Jakarta:

  1. See the Acrobatic Barongsai and Liong

Before the Chinese New Year, shopping centers in Jakarta starts the lively celebration by brightly decorating their properties and holding food festival. These malls usually comprise acrobatic lion and dragon dancing, also known as Barongsai and Liong. They are dancing to the beat of drums and clashing cymbals as they leap from one pillar to another.

  1. Visit festivities, grab delish food in Jakarta’s Chinatown

Jakarta’s Chinatown is located in Glodok, West Jakarta. Before the Chinese New Year, Glodok will be enlivened with gold and red lanterns along with other paraphernalia. Celebrating the festival, Chinese-Indonesian community in Glodok generally retains a stage performance including the lion dancing (Barongsai) and Lenong.

Glodok has also accumulated popularity as a paradise. Its most tasty foods are primarily found along a small street, known as Gang Gloria. Offering mostly non-halal food, restaurants on the street boasts authentic Chinese food like pork poultry or noodle soup. There’s also an old coffee shop established in 1927, Kopi Es Tak Kie, which is famed for its iced coffee.

  1. Stroll along temples

With many Chinese-concentrated neighborhoods, Jakarta has a lot of temples, locally known as Klenteng. Among others is Klenteng Jin De Yuan West Jakarta, in Jakarta Kota. It’s the oldest temple in the capital.

The temple has lots of Buddha sculptures dating from before 1740. It is an area for the temple monks, whose names are written on a stone slab. Jin-De Yuan has the oldest bell in Jakarta which was created in 1825.

Built in 1650 by a Chinese lieutenant Koan-Im Teng, the Jin De Yuan is one of four temples in Jakarta which is dedicated to the Chinese goddess of mercy. The other temples are Klenteng Goenoeng Sari and Toa Peh Kong in Ancol, North Jakarta, and Klenteng Hian Thian Shang Tee Bio in West Jakarta.

  1. Dine in Crystal Jade

What’s Lunar New Year celebration without a banquet? Take your family to enjoy a dinner at Crystal Jade restaurant situated in Grand Indonesia Mall. This Singapore-based restaurant serves traditional Cantonese and Shanghainese cuisines. Its interior, along with beautiful dishes, will bring vibes of prosperity and warmth for your household in welcoming the Lunar New Year.