False air conditioning myths

Many homes do not install an air conditioning system for fear of what they have hate to talk about these air conditioners. But, like all the false myths that are currently circulating, they are indeed not true!

Today, in this article, we will dismantle some hoaxes that there are of the air conditioning and that, on many occasions, conditions that we install it or not at home.

Five Myths About Air Conditioning

It seems that winter, in some areas of the country, is reluctant to appear. Now and then, we see little hints of frost, so when you least expect it, bang! The cold will come to your house without waiting for it.

To deal with it, nothing better than having a good air conditioner helps you better withstand low temperatures indoors and give you quality air. But, as always happens, you have heard, from many people, wonders of these heating systems, although also, of course, many opinions are heard that throw you back.

  • Air conditioning is bad for your health. According to false myths, the air produced by these devices is harmful to the house’s inhabitants. But, despite this, today we want to tell you that, on the contrary, because the air that is generated in the air conditioning can be even better than the environment. The air quality that comes out is constantly regulated and contains a filter that expels a quantity of healthy air for living beings.
  • Continued use of air conditioning can catch a cold. This is like everything, and if you do an irresponsible practice, you can get hurt. But the same thing happens to you if, for example, you get fed up with eating sweets, and it makes your stomach sick. Well, with the air conditioning it is the same. The key is to adjust the temperature to the optimum on each occasion and place it in the room’s strategic place so that it reaches everywhere without affecting specific areas.
  • Lowering the temperature makes it cool faster. Error! It is a widespread false myth that we want to dismantle. With this, the only thing we will achieve is to spend more energy, and, therefore, more money at the end of the month. What cools is the airflow rate and not the temperature itself.
  • It is better to turn it off and on constantly. Another gossip that isn’t quite real. If we are going to enter and leave a room for a short time, it is best to leave it on to be every 5 minutes turning it off and on.
  • Finally, we want to point out that, despite what is said, the air conditioning does not dry the environment where it is installed. Although the machine absorbs moisture from the air where it is located, it does not make it dry out. The current air appliances are constantly advancing, and more and more are adjusted to the needs of the users by licensed contractors.