Do Howzat app has a competitve leaderboard? Read this to know about it

Fantasy sports in India has been witnessing tremendous growth, in terms of both the number of players and the amount of revenue generated. Some studies estimated the fantasy gaming app industry of India to be worth billions within the next decade. In the last few years, the number of fantasy players has grown more than 25 times its initial valuation in the country, whereas the number of fantasy cricket apps in India has increased by 7 times.  A leaderboard, displaying the rankers’ names and their scores and other related information is needed in the world of computer gaming. But leaderboards have now become more than just games. 

The leaderboards are also about gamification. The represents a bigger implementation and that can include all groups of people. Leader boards help you keep a track of your performance as well as your competition and nowadays different kinds of leader boards have emerged which invite competition from all over the world. Further any good gaming platform requires a well-functioning leaderboard that would stay updated on a regular basis and be easily readable. If you are looking for participating in the same, Howzat has to be your top priority.


Howzat app has a competitive leaderboard that encourages healthy competition by showcasing each group member’s current ranking openly. They offer clear insight into each player’s currently ongoing matches, tournaments, the stakes and his position overall. It is a great way to push the players towards their goals by providing an earnest insight into their competitor’s achievements and by giving them regular feedback on their ranks and their performance compared to the ranks and performance of the members of the group.  It is both clean and precise without any added effects or bugs in the system so your results and performances are untapped.

They have a daily T20 format that encourages fans to learn more about the nitty gritties of the game and the tournament in a fun and exciting way. It offers ways to utilize their knowledge regarding the game in a more resourceful way and enjoy their favorite sports better. No wonder the app and its leaderboard interface comes highly recommended among gamers all over the world. The technology is top notch and comes with equally attractive graphics and descriptions to attract more visitors to the platform. Further they have customized leaderboards for different games on the platform.

The information shown on these leaderboards gets updated regularly. Also, the users want to view the information analyzed in multiple ways. This is why the leaderboard of the Howzat app is a fine example of data analytics in real-time as well as its displays the speed your data layer takes care of key operations such as writes, reads and sorting. They however lack a 24hr leaderboard.


GetMega is featured with 24×7 leaderboards for card games as well as Casual Games. The leaderboards are based on the tasks and also on the wins. You have to play and win to top the leaderboard. The leaderboards have four frequencies, hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly. The top 10 rankers on the leaderboards win prizes. There are free as well as paid leaderboards and you can opt for either. Gamers can win 100,000 (up to) per week from along with attractive gadgets.

This article talks about the attractive qualities that make a good leaderboard and enhance your overall gaming experience. Further, there are two top apps that provide you with the same, so get into your computer and choose the right one for you.

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