Ask These Questions Before Selecting Any Industrial Flooring Contractor

You must understand that the field of industrial flooring is a very highly specialized one, and only a few companies have necessary technical expertise to offer top-quality systems and a professional and timely installation process.

Therefore, although you may find a local tradesman from the Bleen website, however, before you hire them you need to ask a few questions to ascertain that your all needs will be properly fulfilled. You cannot afford to waste your time with any unprofessional or untrained tradesman.

Therefore, while hiring any industrial floor coating contractors you must ask the following few questions.

1.    Do you have any experience doing complete projects in different finishes?

You must understand that the needs of every facility are different and the floor companies and contractors from your city must have a reference list readily available from their past projects.

You need to select a reliable professional contractor having years of experience in this industry.

You can ask whether they have done work on any of the following projects: 

  • Anti-skid and slip resistance
  • Color and patterning options
  • Durability ratings
  • Epoxy coatings
  • Impact resistance
  • Polished concrete
  • Reflectivity levels
  • Spill and chemical resistance
  • Surface testing procedures
  • Urethane coatings

2.    Can you provide a detailed estimate including the price and also the final schedule?

Any reputable industrial-flooring contractors will not only offer a total estimate of the project, but also clearly indicate the detailed schedule of completion of the project without even asking.

They may consider 5 days in a week schedule and you can negotiate for that if needed. Remember, industrial floor painting jobs cannot be equated with any carpet contractors near you that you generally choose from the Flooring Domain website.

3.    Do you have any hidden extra costs?

Often it has been noticed that a few contractors charge extra even for any minor things, like patching or any joint caulking before the polishing or coating process. So, ensure that you read the entire contract, particularly the fine print.

4.    Did you check the work environment of my place?

You must confirm whether the contractor has checked your work environment thoroughly before submitting his offer. Based on the type of your industry, there can be serious abuse taken place over the years.

There can be many different daily stresses, which may include:

  • Abrasive cleaners
  • Extreme temperature shifts
  • Forklift or any other vehicle traffic
  • Heavy foot traffic
  • High levels of moisture
  • Movement of any heavy items that can be dropped
  • Occasional chemical spills
  • Sunlight exposure

1.     What preparation is needed for our floor?

After you have selected your floor coating, simply finding some contractor to lay it down will not guarantee that it is going to work. Based on what you will choose, your coating may not properly bond to the floor in case of any oil stains, dust, or any unchecked moisture issues are there.

2.     Will your coating protect against all the wear and tears?

In most manufacturing facilities, there will be constant wear and tear, and epoxy floor coatings must protect the floor from such damage. Heavy-duty industrial floor coatings must offer a protection layer on your cement.