Applying For NDIS Package

Here in this article, we are going to look at the thing you need to keep in mind while applying for an NDIS package. As a mental illness patient, you might have considered all the aspects of your life and disease before you have made this decision to apply for an NDIS package. You have come to conclusions about the supports and supporters you need via NDIS. You need this clarity before you apply for NDIS package to the NDIA. Before you walk away with the NDIS package, you need to find out if you are eligible for NDIS support such as occupational therapy for children. You can find out your eligibility online by submitting an access request.

As far as submitting an access request, there are two conditions you need to keep in mind. Are you already a recipient of the existing disability services? The nature of the access request you submit will change according to this. Let’s have a look below:

You receive disability services        

Yes, we will look into the first scenario where you receive the existing disability services. Let’s see how that pans out here:

  • If the services you already receiving from disability services are being transitioned to NDIS, then NDIA will contact you via phone or letter to inform you of the same. They will let you know about the fact that time has come for your transition.
  • But this happens only when you are part one of the following programs – D2DL, PHaMs and PIR.
  • In case the program you have chosen is MHR:CS then your provider will be better equipped to get you in touch with NDIA. Or you can get in touch with NDIA yourself.

How NDIA will contact you?

Let’s see how NDIA will contact you when they want to inform you about the impending transition. As we have stated before, there are two options via post and phone. We are going to take a look at both options below.

  • Post – You will receive an introductory letter on post. The letter will intimate you that NDIA is going to call you shortly. And the letter will tell you that the call is meant to educate you about the access request process. The letter will introduce you to the whole process.
  • Phone – They will call you to know if you wish to go through the access request process via phone.

One thing you need to keep in mind that you can arrange the access request process according to your convenient. If you are busy with something, then you can tell them to postpone the access request process to another time which is convenient for you. You need to choose the timing which is ideal for you. It is important to have a support person in order to help you when you need. You will also have to be prepared with all the information when they finally call you for the process. If you wish to appear in person for the access request process then you are free to do that as well. Once you prove that you are eligible for NDIS things will be easier for you to apply for it.