5 Secret Strategies Revealed by Professional Rummy Players

You need not know any rocket science to become a professional Rummy Player. You must, however, have theinquisitiveness to learn a few strategies to become better than just anyaverage Rummyplayer.

Secret tips and tricks make one competent, but the key to success is experience. You have to keep practising to become a pro. Inculcate these tips not only to enhance your game but also to help you improve overall as a player.

The highly professional players have earned the titleof being a pro by sheer practice and experience of many years, as is rightly said, ’practice makes you perfect’. Rummy bears testimony to the fact that practice certainly makes a difference to your game. You can apply the following strategies to make your game stronger:

  • Pick Smartly

Be it an offline or an online version; this game calls for its players to be extremely vigilant and mindful of their opponent’s moves and tricks. As most players try to observe the game of their opponent to trace a pattern, you might want to keep your competitor guessing your moves.

Try to pick up cards from the closed deck and not from the pile of discarded cards. This way, your opponent won’t be able to know which cards you’re picking and which ones you require, to complete your sequence.

  • Strategic Play

Once, you have calculated your opponent’s next move; you have to meddle with their game to build pressure on them. Your opponents’ weak game means your success, but how do you meddle with their game? Simply analyse your opponent’s moves and keep discarding cards they can’t use, thereby pushing them to pick cards from the closed pile. This shall increase the probability of them making a low priority sequence.

  • Tough Bluff

Every player tries hard to pull on their poker face and confuse their opponent. Whilethe strategic gameis one way of bewildering your opponents, the other is giving a tough bluff. Try tricking them and do notlet them read your hands, moves and strategy. In case you feel that you’ve been caught, play the most expected card and then cunningly twist the game.

  • Know when to drop!

This one tip is the most distinguishable characteristic of a pro as opposed to an average player. As an experienced player, you ought to knowwhen can you fold your hand. If in the first draw you feel the sequence is not in your favour, then drop the game. This will help end the game with a difference of least points. It is a smart move to know when to withdraw from the game without facing a huge loss.

  • Watch like a hawk

Until the end of the game, you have to keep observing your opponent like a hawk. Every move they make, every pick and discard is where your eyes should be fixed. Knowing your opponent’s hand well is one efficient waythat helps you plan your game strategically.


These are some tips that a professionalRummy player religiously follows. Once you start practising your game, you won’t even have to remember these tips because they will be embedded in your mind. Just with a few tricks, down your sleeve, you will know what to do in which situation!