5 Recommendations What To Do In Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta, affectionately called Jogja by the majority of Indonesians, is a favourite tourist destination for Java, Indonesia. With a few of Indonesia’s most striking temples nearby, lots of civilization to loosen up, along with a pleasant, lively vibe, Yogyakarta is the best town to see on your visit to Indonesia. With immense attractions to see and do in and around Yogyakarta, we would recommend what to do in Indonesia below! 

HeHa Sky View: Sightseeing View From Above

Watch as day rolls into the night from on top of the planet. In HeHa Sky View, you are able to witness magic occurring in the sunset; the beauty of the slopes using all the orange glow of sunlight is breathtaking. It gets better as the daylight fades, the town gradually begins to come alive, its twinkling lights turning to one by one till you see what seems to be celebrities throughout the city!

Starting with a bang in September 2019, this area has garnered a great deal of attention. Considering there are several things to do there (selfie places, parks, and restaurants) this should be the next destination!

Laluna Resort Yogyakarta: Bali Vibes In Java

If historic buildings and grand staircases are not really your thing, you are in luck! Just a little flavour of Bali’s famous hipster fashion resort has arrived at Jogja, and you can bet it is Insta-worthy from head to toe. Faded orange walls, brightly coloured patterned tiles and fabrics, and floating breakfasts are what create La Luna Resort Yogyakarta a joy to keep in. You will feel as if you have run away into the Isle of the Gods nevertheless are still able to learn more about the glorious heritage in Jogja!  

Comfy rooms with brightly coloured throws wait for your slumber, and beanbags are sprinkled around to your ultimate enjoyment! Adhering to a rustic village kind of design, there is no other resort in Jogja where you can enjoy it, but not only are you going to wow yourself upon arrival, you are going to wow all of your buddies on Instagram if they see this place is really in Jogja!

Air Terjun Kedung Kandang: Feel The Magic of Natural Beauty

You will stop in your tracks if you place your eyes with this idyllic scene, together with rice paddies, lightly cascading waterfalls and turquoise water. The calm Air Terjun Kedung Kandang, situated in the village of Mount Butak, cascades down 6 degrees of the terraced rice fields. You will get to view this miracle of nature throughout the rainy season.

To get there, a little hiking is demanded. But do not worry, it’s a scenic walk along a nature route at which you’ll be treated to views of the hills, hills, rivers and farmers from the rice paddies. Ensure that you bring water and snacks along with you.

Sinden Beach & Kalong Island: Crossing A Suspension Bridge

Up for a few adrenaline-inducing experiences? Sinden Beach isn’t your average romantic white sand shore, but a rocky one flanked with a high cliff directly alongside the sea. It’s possible to learn more about the adjoining Kalong Island — an untouched coral reefs overgrown with wild turtles — by crossing a suspension bridge top up with the ferocious waves crashing beneath you. Since the sea breeze shakes the bridge along with the salty waves, kiss the lips, take each measure with a warning — a misstep can be too pricey!

Curug Pulosari: Witnessing The Natural Beauty

Hidden away in the bustling of  Yogyakarta, Culog Pulosari is a well-concealed waterfall that provides raw aquatic charm. Since the waterfall is located at the base of a cliff, people who want to respect the glistening blue water cascading down will probably have to do a little trekking, including hiking through the woods and crossing a river.

In Curug Pulosari, you’re going to be astounded by the perspective of water tumbling down the hillside, forming a pure water curtain that is complemented with the surrounding lush green plant. This certainly is a cure from a character that will perk up your day! Indulge your senses by merely massaging your toes in the crystal clear water or dip to the pure pond.

Whether your trips take you to a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts or urban attractions, extra research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Yogyakarta by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.