5 Places to Have the Best Street Food in Mumbai

Apart from its rising skylines and bustling colonies, the one thing that has remained constant throughout Mumbai’s extensive history is its distinctive culture of street food. The potpourri of flavours includes the soul of every Mumbaikar- Vada Pav. People from all walks of life, irrespective of economic class or occupation, eat at least once a day from the street hawkers in Mumbai.

These portable market stalls are renowned for the mouth-watering snacks and dishes that are sold at extremely reasonable rates. The luxury hotels in Mumbai might serve exquisite dishes, but there is nothing like eating some chatpata chaat or steaming Misal Pav from the roadside.

Here are a few places you simply cannot afford to miss in Mumbai.

  • Girgaum Chowpatty

One of the most popular public beaches, also known for its Ganpati Visarjan celebrations, Chowpatty hosts some superb street food vendors and restaurants with enough variety to engage all your taste buds. Try the sweet-spicy mix Pani Puri, Bhelpuri, Papdi chat, Pav Bhaji for some savoury delights, or indulge your sweet tooth in some Ice Gola, or heavenly Malai Rabdi with Kulfi and thank us later, for you will have achieved bliss!

  • Crawford market

The Falooda at Badshah is said to be the absolute best. This 100-year-old restaurant in Crawford market is especially famous for its drinks and snacks, like Pav Bhaji and pizza. If a fruit exists, chances are that you will find a milkshake or sherbet that includes it. The combination of rosy syrup, milk, vermicelli, basil seeds and ice cream – what else does one need from life?

Another place you must visit is Gulshan-e-Iran, because their dishes like Kheema Pav, Chicken Tikka Masala, Garlic Naan, and Firni are irresistible.

  • Juhu

Famous for being the residence of many Bollywood celebrities, Juhu beach is also a popular hangout spot for youngsters, because of the scrumptious food served at eateries. Try some unusual street food here, like Chilli Cheese Parathas, Kokum Coolers, chocolate Dosas, and Dahi Kachoris.

  • Nariman Point

At the end of the gorgeous Marine Drive, is one of the most well-developed areas of Mumbai, Nariman Point. The ‘Khau gallis’ here are no exception, and serve some delectable dishes like Tava Poha, Schezwan rice, Kanda Poha, Idli Chilli and drinks like sugar-cane juice that are truly worth the visit.

  • Elco Market

This place in Bandra West has some appetising things to try, such as the seasonal mango milkshakes, the Kala Khatta coolers, the large variety in chaat and other snacks, and the best Pani Puri ever.

We hope that you are now hungry enough to consider planning a visit to Mumbai, to try its eclectic cuisine. The luxury hotels in Mumbai will ensure a memorable stay, and travel will never be an issue considering how well-connected Mumbai is with the rest of the country.