5 Best Hotel Recommendations in Wakatobi at Affordable Prices

Wakatobi is included in the list of areas inherited with charming marine tourism of the many regions in Indonesia. Even Wakatobi is called a paradise for divers from all over the world. When visiting Wakatobi, staying at a hotel for a few days is the right decision. Of course, so that you can explore more beautiful tourist destinations that are a pity to miss. The following is a list of cheap hotels and inns in Wakatobi that you can choose from.

  1. Wasabinua Hotel and Restaurant

If you are looking for the best accommodation that provides various adequate facilities at friendly prices, then Wasabinua Hotel and Resto is the answer. Offered at a price of around IDR 300 thousand, you can get an unforgettable overnight experience. During your stay there, several facilities are ready to meet your needs. These include smooth internet access, air conditioning, 24-hour room service, a large parking area, clean bathrooms, soft and comfortable beds, to restaurants that serve a variety of culinary delights that are ready to pamper your hungry stomach. The Wasabinua Hotel and Resto location location is quite strategic, so it is not surprising that this one place to stay is always crowded with tourists from various regions.

Adjacent to a historical tour called the Liya Togo Fort Palace Site, making this popular hotel very easy to find. In fact, the location is also close to Matahora Airport, so tourists who come from far away can immediately lay down for a moment when their tired bodies start before continuing their journey back.

  1. Labor Stay

Another inn that is no less interesting to visit is Labore Stay is set at a price of only Rp. 150 thousand. With this price, guests can get a myriad of the best services, nd we pampered with various adequate facilities to meet their daily needs. Some of the facilities that can be obtained are bathrooms, large parking areas, WiFi access, to 24-hour room service.

This hotel is located in a strategic place because it is close to several tourist attractions that tourists from various regions often visit. Starting from Wakatobi National Park, 24-hour room service, bathrooms, to soft and clean beds managed to provide comfort during your stay at the place.

  1. Wisma Maharani

Wisma Maharani is included in the list of the cheapest hotels that can be found in Wakatobi. Guests only need to pay around IDR 200 thousand to get maximum service in their class. One of the best services provided can be seen from the many facilities offered. Namely, fast internet access, a large parking area, clean bathrooms, soft beds, and even 24-hour room service.

This hotel is in a strategic location which makes it much sought after by tourists. A few places near the Wisma Maharani hotel are the Liya Togo Palace Fort Site and Matahora Airport. So, tourists from outside the area who come from far away, can unwind for a while by staying at the cheapest hotel in Wakatobi on this one.

  1. Green Tetembatu

After travelling long distances to get to Wakatobi, the first thing you will miss is a comfortable bedroom equipped with various adequate facilities. Of the many lodging places, it seems that staying at Green Tetembatu can be the right choice. While there, you will be pampered with various adequate facilities such as 24-hour room service, bathrooms, spacious parking areas, soft and clean beds, internet access, and don’t forget a restaurant that provides a variety of delicious culinary delights. The hotel’s location is quite strategic, so tourists from various regions often crowd it. All the advantages can be obtained by paying around Rp. 300 thousand only.

  1. Haila Homestay Tomia

While walking leisurely in the East Tomia area, you can find an inn that feels comfortable to live in called Haila Homestay Tomia. Guests will be pampered with various adequate facilities in order to increase the comfort when staying there, so there is nothing to lose when staying there for a few days. Some of these facilities consist of fast WiFi access, a large parking area, bathrooms, beds that feel soft and clean, to full 24-hour room service.

Whether your trips take you on a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts or urban attractions, additional research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Wakatobi by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.