4 Reasons That Hiring Ethical Hackers Is Beneficial For Cybersecurity

It might come as a surprise, but not all hackers are bad. Intentions differ and so do hackers. The bad ones that feed on bugs and vulnerabilities to extort money, blackmail, and steal data are unethical hackers. On the other hand, the ones that work towards finding those bugs and fixing them to prevent unethical hackers from exploiting those vulnerabilities are ethical hackers or white hat hackers. Thus, having them onboard is a sure boon. But the question is, how and where to find them? If you’re trying to locate some yourself, the following tips will be very helpful.

  • Run bug bounty programs
  • Approach cybersecurity companies that have links with ethical hackers
  • Approach third-party security supervisors to find out about the most reliable sources

Having stated this, it’s elemental that you must also learn about the reasons that hiring ethical hackers is so beneficial.

Why Hire Ethical Hackers?

Did you know, the first thing that unethical hackers hit when planning to hijack a company is hack password? Whilst there are a lot of ways in which you can safeguard the backdoor password of all IoT devices, the most unconventional way to increase the security a level higher is hiring ethical hackers. The reasons to do so are given below.

  1. They can identify and fix bugs in software before it is released openly for the public to download and use. Thus, they will be highly valuable if you are a software developing company
  2. They can run frequent scans on codes and use their skills to find out hidden bugs that are extremely dangerous and yet very tough to locate
  3. They help in designing better codes that are less vulnerable to hacking. Besides, they can help in recovering from a sudden security breach way faster. It minimizes the damage caused by unethical hackers by giving them limited time
  4. Having them onboard only increases the strength of your cybersecurity team. Having a strong security team in place is an adept way to not miss out on possible threats that are otherwise very easy to exploit and be hacked

And now that you know how to find ethical hackers and how they can increase the strength of your cybersecurity team, you still mustn’t overlook the basics of cybersecurity as listed below.

  • Use firewall and antivirus
  • Use spear phishing identification and elimination tools
  • Use password generating apps and tools
  • Use a multi-step verification method for allowing access permission